Lotus candles

The lotus candle is a fascinating new variant candles, which they will inspire! Candles have a Lotus flower effect, independently unfold a beautiful and always new wax bloom during the burning. The shape of the candle as a traditional first candle body is changing constantly and can even to be creative sculpture - can they be surprised and enchanted!
That the Lotus candle is not a traditional candles variant, it is already clear after the burning, because the bloom is starting to flourish and to grow increasingly intense. The light finally unfolds not only on the candle wick, but illuminates all facets of the flower and candle conjures new reflections.
The burn time will vary depending on the length of the candle 110 hours at 18 cm up to 200 hours at 33 cm.
Choose from many colors.
Packed all candles in decorative lotus cube.


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`Guru Style` Ferienhaus Wassermühle Hohendorf/Usedom im Außenbereich mit eigenem Badesee.


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